Giving your audience the wisdom to thrive. 


“ I ran a speaker bureaux for 26 years and never came across a speaker with such impact. Pivotal, life-changing, say-it-as-it-is, gripping and unputdownable!  ”

— Deborah Fielding



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“ Sophie is a true alchemist with a rare ability to transform lives, leaders and business cultures. ”  

— Professor William Torbert, author of Action Inquiry


About Sophie

About Sophie Sabbage

Restoring power to promises of ‘transformation’ and ‘authenticity’.

30 years delivering deep transformation to thousands of individuals.

20 years helping leading brands respond creatively to changing winds.

5 years transforming a terminal cancer diagnosis into vibrancy, productivity and service.

Mere mortal who has been to the north and south poles of her humanity to stay alive


“ I can think of no change agent more aligned with the leadership principles of our founder, Nelson Mandela, than Sophie is. ” 

– Rejoice Ncongo, Scholarships Manager, The Mandela Rhodes Foundation


Transformed clients


“ Sophie speaks bravely and from the heart. She can instantly captivate an audience. ” 

— The Right Honourable Lord Fowler, the Lord Speaker


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“ "I want a piece of you, Sophie, as did everyone at that talk last night. I want your certainty and authenticity and dancing eyes and hard-won nut centre. You dazzling alive woman. ” 

— Susie, talk attendee


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