About Sophie


Mindset alchemist delivering deep shifts to thousands for 30 years. World class speaker whose audiences leave wiser and braver than when they came in. Authority on courageous leadership with over 20 years experience serving leading businesses. High-profile patient activist living with terminal cancer since 2014 and giving power back to patients.


A familiar personality following the stunning success of her first book, The Cancer Whisperer, which placed Sophie on a global stage as a virtuoso on how to thrive in adversity. She has since made numerous media appearances, become an internationally recognised author, written a second Sunday Times bestseller, created a new narrative about cancer and built a speaking business. She has also been to the north and south poles of her humanity in order to stay alive.

B.C. (before cancer) Sophie ran an award-winning business consultancy while working for a global educational charity delivering life-changing courses. Her academic background is in psychology, English Literature and organisational change. She brings all this experience to her speaking clients.

Sophie is eloquent, congruent, boldly truthful and gifted at reading people. She has a reputation for expressing what other people experience but are unable or too afraid to say. She challenges minds, moves hearts and delivers practical take-aways. She says what needs saying to shift what needs shifting for her clients to thrive.

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