Signature talks


All of Sophie’s talks are customised to client needs.

They begin with a full client briefing and a mutual discernment of needs – stated and unstated.

Masterclasses are also on offer following the talk if the client wishes to embed insights and skills.

Below are some of her signature talks.

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“If you need to sustain transformation, you have not achieved it.

We need transformation in business and life as much as ever, but the promise of ‘transformation’ has been so overused and under-delivered it has topped the list of jargon words business leaders want to get rid of.

In this talk she explains why most ‘transformation’ isn’t transformation and how we can achieve it for real. Sophie knows more than most about what it takes.

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We need to learn to unleash our creativity, not our fear, when it matters most.”

If you haven’t yet been hit by a personal or professional crisis, one is coming. Count on it. No one is exempt. We cannot thrive in business or life without the ability to evolve in response to the unexpected, the blindsiding, the adverse.

Sophie is a testament to creating remarkable results in the most limiting circumstances. In this talk she shares a five-step system for thriving because of crises rather than surviving in spite of them.

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"Positivity is a mindset that can blind us more than negativity."

The market is saturated with products about how to think, act and be positive. In parallel, suicide rates rise, the quarter-life crisis has replaced the mid-life crisis and 61% of CEOs report loneliness hampering their performance.

Since her incurable cancer diagnosis, Sophie has encountered the same detrimental pressure on patients to remain positive as she had previously witnessed in corporate corridors, self-help programmes and social media.

As someone who has worked in the personal growth (a.k.a ‘positivity’) industry for almost thirty years, she is determined to reveal what positivity is costing us and why it needs to change.


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"Leadership is not marked by how many followers you have, but by how many other leaders you create.”

At this time an outmoded dominating version of power is fighting for its life in political and corporate leadership. But its time is up.

In this talk, Sophie talks about an alchemical leadership power that can transform people, systems and results to mutual benefit. She also shares ways this power can be developed and examples of having done so.



“ Sophie has a unique ability to get to the heart of the matter. She is one of the few speakers who also gives people a road map to make potentially life-transforming changes. ”

— Catherine Zollman, M.D. Director of Medicine, Penny Brohn UK


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Sophie’s talks deliver high stand-alone value. For clients seeking additional support these services are also on offer: