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All of Sophie’s talks are customised to client needs.

They begin with a full client briefing and a mutual discernment of needs – stated and unstated.

Masterclasses are also on offer following the talk if the client wishes to embed insights and skills.

Below are some of her signature talks.

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“If you need to sustain transformation, you have not achieved it.

We need transformation in business and life as much as ever, but the promise of ‘transformation’ has been so overused and under-delivered it has topped the list of jargon words business leaders want to get rid of. According to McKinsey research, 70% of change programmes fail and this has not changed in decades. Indeed, it is getting worse.

In this talk Sophie addresses why one of the most powerful words in the English language has been stripped of its true meaning and power. She outlines key indicators of true transformation that she has discovered over three decades in the field. She shares a case study of organisational transformation that sits in the 30% success zone. And she brings personal examples of transformation because the failure of leaders to transform themselves is one of the core reasons that change initiatives fail.

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We need to learn to unleash our creativity, not our fear, when it matters most.”

If you haven’t yet been hit by a personal or professional crisis, one is coming. Count on it. No one is exempt. We cannot thrive in business or life without the ability to evolve in response to the unexpected, the blindsiding, the adverse. Sophie, who has had multiple brain tumours four times and has nearly died twice, is a testament to producing remarkable results in the most limiting circumstances. She knows more than most about how to unleash creativity in the midst of intense challenge. Most adversity speakers have overcome whatever happened to them, but Sophie is speaking it and writing it as she lives it. In this talk she shares some of her personal story and a five-step system she has developed for thriving because of crises rather than surviving in spite of them.

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"Positivity is a mindset that can blind us more than negativity."

The market is saturated with products about how to think, act and be positive. In parallel, suicide rates rise, the quarter-life crisis has replaced the mid-life crisis and 61% of CEOs report loneliness hampering their performance. Having encountered the same detrimental pressure on cancer patients to remain positive as she had previously witnessed in corporate corridors, self-help programmes and social media, Sophie is now doing media interviews to address this issue in society. As someone who has worked in the personal growth (a.k.a ‘positivity’) industry for almost thirty years, who has witnessed the detrimental impact of positivity cultures in business and who has written two Sunday Times bestsellers about living an authentic life, Sophie is determined to reveal what positivity is costing us and why it needs to change.


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"Leadership is not marked by how many followers you have, but by how many other leaders you create.”

Most developmental psychologists agree that what differentiates leaders is not their personality or management style as much as their mindset when their power, safety or reputation is challenged. In Professor William Torbert’s Global Leadership Profile, which depicts seven stages of evolving leadership, the ‘alchemical’ stage is the most advanced (observable) stage. Studies reveal that ‘alchemical leaders’ are set apart by “an extraordinary capacity to deal simultaneously with many situations at multiple levels” and “their ability to renew or reinvent themselves and their organisations in historically significant ways.”

Sophie, a close colleague or Torbert’s, profiled at the alchemical stage in her late-thirties (now in her fifties). In this talk she explains the mutually transforming power of alchemical leadership and how she has turned lead situations into gold outcomes.


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If you think fear doesn’t run through corporate corridors, look again. Sometimes it’s disguised as obedience, excessive cheerfulness, workaholism or a never-enoughness even at the height of success. It is also indicated by low morale, high absence and sick leave, high stress levels, increasing staff turnover and a lack of creativity. In this talk, Sophie describes observable indicators of fear, explains the root causes of fear and provides a powerful tool for releasing fear when it takes hold. A follow-up masterclass is highly recommended for this particular topic.


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Creativity often flows when we are in the shower, out jogging, driving a car or grocery shopping. We have our best ideas when we don’t have a notepad at hand. This is because creative insights emerge from a relaxed state of mind, when alpha waves are rippling and there’s an influx of dopamine and the subconscious brain can engage. Creativity is not just about being artistic or innovative. It is a state of mind and a way of being. Opening our creative channels is a matter of getting our busy, fretting, often self-deceiving minds out of the way so that intuition, discernment, risk-taking, weirdness and the freedom of unselfconscious can have their way with us. In this talk, Sophie reveals the psychology of creativity and how we can open its floodgates by shifting our emotions, perceptions and decisions.


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“The Cancer Whisperer” by Sophie Sabbage is a superb book written by a pioneer in self-determination that will not only inspire and support patients, but also professionals seeking to better serve their patients.” Dr. K. A. Jobst

A serious diagnosis can be terrifying for patients who often follow their doctors’ orders blindly and are rarely provided with the tools to treat their emotional dis-ease alongside the physical disease. Indeed, there is now scientific evidence that some people literally die of shock when they are told they have an illness such as cancer.

There is also evidence that the patients who transform their fear, maintain their personhood and become experts in their own disease fare better and live longer. Sophie is one such. Having been given a few months to live in 2014, she has become a globally renowned cancer thriver whose first book, The Cancer Whisperer, became an instant Sunday Times bestseller and who has been giving power back to thousands of patients through her talks, masterclasses and online services. She was branded a ‘difficult patient’ early on because she asked so many questions and took charge of her own treatment plan. She now has a large following of ‘difficult patients’ who pride themselves in being such.

But this is just one of the issues that medical professionals need to address in the way they serve and relate to patients. Along with:

  1. How to help patients with their fears and anxieties;
  2. How to partner, educate and empower patients in their care;
  3. How to discern their unique needs as human beings vs illnesses.

Sophie is increasingly being invited to advise health professionals in these areas – not least because she also has twenty years’ experience of transforming customer service for leading organisations. This talk is a great way to bring her ideas to your organisation and discover how she can help you stand on the cutting edge of patient care.




“ Sophie has a unique ability to get to the heart of the matter. She is one of the few speakers who also gives people a road map to make potentially life-transforming changes. ”

— Catherine Zollman, M.D. Director of Medicine, Penny Brohn UK


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